The Future of Books

Google just launched their ebooks bookstore. This was probably met with jubilation by everyone who bought a Nook and I would be too…but to the millions who own a Kindle…do you care?

Personally I’m a little disappointed. Google ebooks, works with Android, Ipad, Ipod, Itouch, laptops and desktops, as well as the Nook and Sony e-readers BUT, not the Kindle. I love Google and I love Amazon so why can’t they work together on this!

Part of me thinks this could be a huge dent in Kindle’s market share but then again, why do you buy books from Amazon? because they have every single book imaginable available to buy. Even Google can’t quite match Amazon’s book library, or even their digital library.

The other aspect of this that disappointed me was the fact that I have been waiting for Google to improve their Library. It’s been a real eyesore in my Google profile, and because I read a lot and because I use Google as my primary online resource for most things, I wanted to keep up with my digital library…the only problem is they didn’t improve it visually, they just added the ability to buy and read books (this doesn’t help me).

In the end, I am excited to see what Google will bring to the digital reading market. They don’t have my vote right now but I’m anxiously awaiting an Android tablet computer with a comparable e-ink screen and ridiculously long lasting battery. As soon as that comes out, I’ll think about switching. Until then my anti-apple self will read my books without straining my eyes on my beautiful e-ink screen.

What about you? Which digital reader has your attention?

About David Starkweather

David Starkweather lives in the Kansas City metro area, working as a business analyst for a web development agency. He is a technology enthusiast and an avid reader.

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