The iPhone Will Dominate the Mobile Market Again.

 The iPhone will dominate the mobile market again.

Android owns 43.7% of mobile market according to a recent report from ComScore.

Android is an open-source platform with multiple devices on multiple carriers. This is largely what has helped them to overtake Apple in ownership of the mobile market. Apple, on the other hand, launched the iPhone and dominated the mobile market but in the last several years they’ve been handcuffed by ATT limiting the number of potential users for their product. When the iPhone 5 drops, Apple won’t have that problem anymore and ATT is going to get hit hard.

As much as I love Android it’s hard to deny that when the iPhone 5 does launch, it will break all of the previously held records and bring the iOS back to the top of the mobile market.

With the release of the iPhone 4S, many people complained that it was a big let down and Apple’s stock tanked as a result. Instead of a letdown, what it could be is Apple testing the waters and waiting for all of the carrier contracts to be finalized before they release the latest and greatest smartphone.

What did you really expect, sure there were news conferences and live streaming of the announcement but did you really expect Apple to unveil the latest and greatest without throwing a bigger party? When the iphone 5 does launch, you’ll know it. The press releases will be bigger, the media covereage will be louder and Apple will behold to the world another revelation in mobile devices.

The iPhone 5 will launch to most, if not all of the major cell carriers in the US AND abroad (which is a huge market that often gets overlooked). This is big for Apple. Previously they launched to one major carrier and if you weren’t on ATT then you had to pay a ridiculous amount to be able to use the iPhone on your own service provider. If the iPhone is on multiple carriers it will be an easy sell for customers and it will give Apple the boost they need to take back their ownership of the mobile market.

People must not be too dissapointed in the iPhone 4S, CNet is reporting that Apple has over 200,000 pre orders in 12 hours.

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