What Is Your Resistance?

My resistance seems to be the comfort of the tv. Not even watching tv but the white noise of its soft glow. That sentence was painful to write, but its true. I don’t even like TV or whats on, but for some reason it has the ability to make you relax and after a day at the office, its nice to relax.

What I’d rather be doing? Reading more, writing more, working out more. My resistance is the comfort of sitting on the couch, zoning out.

One of my New Years Resolutions has been to eat dinner at the dinner table WITH the TV off. My wife and I both come home from work and the white noise that is the TV seems like a natural next step. You get home and turn on the TV. Most of the time there is nothing on that we watch. At most there is one show that we want to watch each day, but really there is probably only 3-4 things each week that we WANT to watch but the resistance gets in the way.

My resistance keeps me from reading more than I do (which may be a lot for some people, but for me, I can do better) it keeps me from writing more than I’d like to. Keeping this thing updated each week is hard work. The resistance also keeps me indoors and on the couch in the winter. Its dark when I get home, the energy is low and the glow from the tube is soft, bright and comforting.

Why is the TV my resistance? because even if I’m not watching whats on, it gets me distracted. If I’m trying to read, I spend 15 minutes on one page and I reread the same paragraph over and over.

If the tv is on, I lose all motivation to write. It is literally a mind suck. my writing comes out in spurts. And incomplete sentences. And the voice from which I wish to write is lost and I take on something of which is not mine and alas I feel lost….see what I mean!?

So in 2012, I know what shows I want to Watch. I know when they’re on. I’m going to fight the resistance and keep the tube off.

For a little added emphasis, I wanted to throw in this little gem from Chuck Wendig from his post, 25 Things Writers Should Start Doing

Said it before, will say it again: we all get 24 hours in our day. Nobody has extra time. You must claim time for yourself and your writing. Time is a beast stampeding ever forward and we’re all on its back. Don’t get taken for a ride. Grab the reins. Whip that nag to go where you want her to go. Take control. Hell, pull out a big ol’ electric knife and carve off a quivering lardon of fatty Time Bacon all for yourself.

About David Starkweather

David Starkweather lives in the Kansas City metro area, working as a business analyst for a web development agency. He is a technology enthusiast and an avid reader.

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  1. Great thoughts, David! The reading teacher in me especially enjoys the quote. :)

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