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March came and went. Can you believe it’s April already? The challenge is still going strong but I can feel the warm weather calling my name and making it much more difficult to stay on track. I think April and the rest of the warmer months are going to make this a little more difficult.

Here’s a look back on what I checked out in March.

Astronauts and Heretics
This was a completely random selection. It’s a collection of short stories that was recommended on a blog that I follow…and it was free, so why not?

I’m glad I took a chance on it because it was great. Its very quick but the stories are good and a few of them (Seinfeld re-imagined as an episode of Star Trek!) are hilarious. All of them are in one way or another science fiction, but if you’re not into that sort of thing, don’t let it deter you from reading. I highly recommend checking this out, it’s cheap so there is not big commitment, it’s quick, so you don’t have to commit a lot of time to read it and most importantly it was good.

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The Art of Non-Conformity
This one interested me for a few reasons, one of which is that I love travel and the author is a travel junkie…so while reading, I’m also living vicariously through him. The other is that at it’s core, it’s really about finding something you love and creating a career from it.

One of the ‘nonconformists’ views in the book that has been shared by lots of people is that you shouldn’t be waiting for retirement to have fun. Instead if you should find something that you love doing and then maybe you’ll never ‘have’ to retire and you can simply ratchet down how much you work…and if you work for yourself, you determine how much time you want to work and how much time you can spend on other things. It’s an idea that seems to be catching on with a lot of different groups. The book itself was good and I’d recommend checking it out. Read the full review here.

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Have you read World War Z? If so, this is essentially the same book only replace the zombies with robots. If you haven’t, you should read both. Both are great books, written very well. If you have read World War Z, you should also read this. It’s written in the same fashion and you’ll probably enjoy this as much as you did WWZ (which is being made into a movie btw!).

For those who haven’t read either, Robopocalypse retells the story of how the robots took control of their ‘lives’ and the majority of the human race (a la, The Terminator or Matrix – but keep in mind this isn’t an action story). It also recounts how the humans took back control and eventually defeated the robots. It’s told through the eyes of the man who lead the charge against the robots. Through his words, he tells the stories of several people from a variety of backgrounds who all influenced the demise and resurgence of the human race in one way or another. If it sounds too sci-fi for you, give it a shot anyway, its really a good book and a page turner.

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Lone Survivor
This is a true story, written by the only survivor of a Navy SEAL team in Afghanistan, recapping what happened and how he survived. The story is pretty amazing. The author takes you from SEAL training (kinda like watching Hell Week on the History Channel) to the mission, before, during and after. It’s very detailed and at times graphic.

If you’re looking for some non-fiction, this was easy to read and really was an amazing story about how this guy survived everything. It gets slightly political at times, which for me, taints his great story, but it’s not enough to completely overshadow a good book.


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Snow Crash
Snow Crash was an interesting story. It is sort of like reading the Matrix, only this was written long before the Matrix was made (back in 2000!). It was also very long and complex, which you might assume.

The story surrounds a hacker named Hiro Protagonist, in a future world where the the internet exists in a more 3D world called the metaverse. In the metaverse, users plug in and walk around (kinda like the 80’s version of what 3D gaming would have been like). The hero of the story, is a hacker who helped create the metaverse and now becomes involved in a very complicated plot to create a new virus that is infecting hackers in the metaverse.

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